What is a Secret Hotel?


If you are looking for a get away with a difference then looking into secret hotels could be just what you are looking for. With secret hotels you get to know pretty much everything about the hotel before you book, except the name. This helps to make sure that you book the type of room you need to stay in and the only surprises you get are good ones.

How Does A Secret Hotel Benefit Me?

For starters a secret hotel will be available to match your budget. Often luxury hotels offer their rooms out at cut prices, so you get to benefit from their accommodation without breaking the bank. Secondly because you’re staying in a luxury hotel you get to really feel as though you have treated yourself. Of course when you’re staying in a hotel like this, no matter how little you have paid you can take advantage of the facilities – book a spa session, use the gym, eat in the restaurant etc.

Why Are Hotels Selling Their Rooms So Cheap?

A hotels worst nightmare is having empty rooms. The last thing they want is to pay staff to be there and to cover the running costs of a hotel when rooms are empty and not bringing in revenue. From a business point of you it makes sense to sell rooms even at a cut price and have at least a bit of money coming in. This is great news for you because it means you get to grab yourself a bargain room without having any worry or hassle.

Is It Easy To Book?

If you have ever booked a hotel online then you’ll know how simple the process is. The good news is that booking a secret hotel is really just as easy. You get to read up about the hotel and make sure that it suits your needs. Then you go through the booking process as normal – selecting the dates you want to stay and processing the payment. Once you have done this you’ll get an email with your booking confirmation and the big reveal of which hotel you have booked into.

Will I Get a Sub-Standard Stay?

Once you’re booked, they don’t really know how you have booked. Websites like Secret Escapes and Last Minute take care of your booking for you and then you’re treated just like any other guest. So, if you want to take advantage of the facilities while you’re there then feel free. Whether this means using the gym, relaxing in the spa or booking into a pampering session you’ll have full rights to do it all, just like any other guest – except they have paid full price!